Country Mun ULTIMATE dog drying coat - Luxury Italian Towelling Rug Coat

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If you invest in just one product for your four-legged friend, this is it.

Our luxury doggie drying coat dries and warms your dog FAST!

A great seller at Crufts over many years - satisfaction guaranteed.

Wet dog to get home from the beach? Dog shivering after hydrotherapy?

Muddy dog on his way into the house? Dripping dog after bath time?

Then this is the solution.

Our luxury drying robe is perfect after a cold or wet outing, bath, swimming or hydrotherapy.

* Saves time, avoids piles of soggy towels and reduces mud splashes in the home/car

* Warms your dog's muscles quickly

* Unlike most drying coats on the market, our special moisture-trapping centre avoids soggy, dripping towelling  hanging from your shivering dog.

   The coat wicks away moisture and traps it inside so your dog warms up and dries much faster.  

   (If your dog has an exceptionally thick coat, our drying robe is fully reversible so you can simply turn it over to   finish off the drying.)

   Every one lovingly made by our experienced machinists in the north of England - no cheap imports here!

  To avoid disappointment, please measure your dog carefully.

 Simply measure from the back of neck (where your dog's collar would sit) to the base of tail.

 Questions? Just give us a call on 0191 603 0440.

 Want to know more? Then read on for all the details....

This ultimate drying coat is our signature product - we are really proud to say we've been making it for 30 years now.

 A top seller at Crufts over many years, it is made from the finest Italian cotton towelling and like all our coats, it is double stitched and bagged for a very long life. 

 . ** As mentioned in the Daily Mail online.

 It is also good as a body warmer for sick/elderly dogs and when fitted snugly, it can have a calming effect on anxious dogs - eg during thunderstorms/fireworks.

* Double sided - Reversible - Features TWO layers of luxurious 390gms Italian towelling

* Generous wadding centre wicks away moisture for your dog's comfort

* MACHINE WASHABLE  on low heat.  

* Secured by an extra-wide adjustable towelling belt with Velcro fastening which ensures the coat stays on. 

* Helps to keep the coat flat/prevent 'curling'. Dries even heavy coated dogs in a fraction of the usual time.

Simply the best you can buy. But don't take our word for it - CHECK OUT THE REVIEWS  - or see some of the latest customer comments from Facebook which are shown in the pictures section.

The ultimate in easy drying - your dog will love you for it! (The only complaint we ever get is that we don't make something similar for the owners!)

CUSTOM MADE service for larger dogs (30-42 inch length.) We can make a towelling rug to suit most dogs - even those with unusual measurements!

Stocked in Midnight Navy and now available to order in Robin Red or Silver Grey.

(We have limited stock in these additional colours so please allow 7-10 days for red or grey.)



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