Dog Collar & Light - Safety in the Darkness

Pup light
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This award-winning dog light will make your dog visible for upto a mile. The Pup Light 2 LED collar light can be seen from all angles and your body doesn't block the light from behind as some dogs can. * Provides a visible halo of light. * Keep your dog safe when it is on or off-leash. Features 3 ultra bright white LEDs This light allows you to see yards ahead of the dog on leash .... allowing you to spot upcoming hazards such as other animals, rancid food, holes and muddy puddles! Its super bright light helps dogs see better. (senior dogs, or those with cataracts, often can't see well in the dark - and it is excellent for working dogs running at night). Uses AAA re-chargeable batteries - not included - making it an economic purchase and the batteries should last up to 150 hours)and easy to change. Nationally award-winning product . Water Resistant. Designed with long-haired dogs in mind. much of the light from lighted dog collars are covered up by the fur of a long-haired dog but the puplight has a fur guard which keeps the dogs hair away from the light. Features: Adjustable hi-vis easy-on collar. Light can also be used with your own dog collar. FITS: Neck from 8-26 inch. Suitable for dogs over 3.5kg. Light can be rotated for smaller dogs.
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Length (cm) Fits neck 20- 66 cms.
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