Dog Clicker Training Aid

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A clicker is a very powerful training aid and now used by many horse owners as well as dog owners.

If it's not something you've tried in the past, we highly recommend it.

We sell the world-famous Karen Pryor clicker which is sturdy and reliable with a good "thumb" rest.

Some of our clickers are solid colour while others are jewel effect as shown in the single clicker view. Colours vary.

(If you have a colour preference, let us know and we will do our best, subject to stock availability.)

The clicker can be easily added to a key ring or wristband.

You can use it to help with a host of dog training exercises but remember that it can only help if your training is consistent.  Please note that this item is currently at a special price so any other discount cannot be applied.

Delivery is £2.50 within UK which is our minimum postage and packaging cost.

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