Car Boot Saver/Dog Drying Blanket

Invaluable in the car!

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The Car boot saver/ dog drying blanket is a great purchase for dog owners who regularly take their dog in the car - after a wet walk, hydrotherapy, river or sea swimming etc.

Available in two sizes, the blanket incorporates many of the features of our top selling signature product, the Ultimate Dog Drying Coat.

This product is made from two layers of  the same luxury Italian cotton towelling and features a double thickness water-absorbent inner pad which wicks away wetness from your dog.

You can also use it to help protect your boot/dog crate bottom etc if your dog has a tendency to travel sickness.

As with all Country Mun products, this one is individually made in the north of England by our expert machinists.

It is bagged and double stitched for a long and useful life.

Currently, the item is made to order so at busy times, please allow between 5-10 days for delivery. Colour: NAVY

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