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Agility For Starters training Book

A must-have for agility fans
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Agility is the fastest growing dog sport and lots of fun for both dog and handler!

Some people set out to be the best and get to the top but like all sports, that takes a huge amount of time, effort and training.

Others take up agility just because it looks like fun and become total agility addicts.

But where do you start if you fancy taking to the equipment with your four legged friend?

Well, getting this book is the ideal start - and you can go from Zero to Hero with help from Grade 7 international handler Connie Sellers as she explains everything you need to know to get started in agility.

Whether you are completely new to the sport, or training a young dog, Sellers provides us with 101 exercises that take us through all aspects of the sport.

So if you haven't come across them before you'll soon know all about: weaves, contacts, handling points, start line waits, wing wraps - and much more.

Many of the exercises require little or no equipment, so if you prefer, you can work through them on your own at home.

The book also features top training tips and advice from a host of world famous trainers, including Greg Derrett, Silvia Trkman, Denise Fenzi, Susan Garrett, Dave Munnings and more.

This is the foundation guide to agility that we've all been waiting for!

Sellers begins by looking at agility - and the kinds of dogs and people best suited to the sport and she discusses what makes an ideal agility dog.

In chapter two, Sellers takes us through choosing a reward and gives advice on finding a toy your dog likes, as well as using food treats. There is also a training tip from Greg Derrett on reward structure.

Chapter three introduces us to the triology of learning. These are three stages of learning that can be used in a variety of training situations ... and then we get to the bit that many love in agility - the tunnel - and she explains how to introduce your dog to the tunnel.

Chapter four moves on to forward focus. In agility, it is best if the dog runs ahead of the handler and Sellers provides help with this.

Other highlights include:

*How to teach left and right directional cues

* Putting together a sequence of jumps and a tunnel

* Teaching your dog how to successfully negotiate a fan of jumps - and how your dog can check his stride and turn

* The all-import Wait for the start line - different from the basic obedience wait

* How to convert what we have taught the dog so far into a sequence

* Introducing the long jump and tyre.

* Advice on the different paths that dog and handler take when running a course.

And there's still more to come .... One chapter focuses on how to negotiate collapsible tunnels while another looks at teaching your dog to walk backwards. (This helps to co-ordinate and engage the rear end, and also strengthens and builds muscle memory - vital in later training!)

The book also includes information on the vital foundation work for contacts.

Sellers teaches us how to get the dog touching a contact disc, and stopping in a 2 on 2 off position.

She also helps with tackling the dog walk and A-frame.

Of course, what is agility without the see-saw? Seller explains how to begin introducing this piece of equipment. She also explains that although running and balancing come naturally to a dog, the weaves do not.  They must be carefully trained.

Chapter twenty one looks at handling manoeuvres such as front and rear crosses and provides a trainer’s tip on motivation from Rosie Cavill.

Finally, Sellers covers everything you need to know for your first competition.

How will you know if you are ready to compete and what you will need?

What rules and regulations do you need to follow?

This book really does provide all the answers. We think it's a real Agility Winner!

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