Measuring your dog for fit

1. Stand the dog on a level surface with the dog standing evenly on all four legs.
2. Measure around the rib cage of your dog at the widest point (chest) in centimetres to get the girth measurement.
3. For all breeds of dog measure the length from the base of the dog’s neck to the base of the dog’s tail in centimetres following the line of the spine.
Tape around circumference
What is the Girth Measurement given for these Ruff Wear Floatcoats?
The Girth Measurement given represents the fit capacity of the Ruff Wear Floatcoat from the smallest to the largest girth measurement of dog it is designed to fit. Your dog’s girth measurement should be approximately in the middle of the adjustable measurement.

What is the Length measurement?
The length given is the minimum length of the dog designed to fit the size of the Ruff Wear Floatcoat.