Measuring your dog for fit

1. Stand the dog on a level surface with the dog standing evenly on all four legs.
2. For all breeds of dog, measure in centimetres. Use a tape to measure the length needed: Measure from the base of the dog’s neck (where the collar would sit) to the point on the dog’s back which is in line with the dog’s hips, following the line of the spine.
3. Measure around the rib cage of your dog at the widest point (chest) in centimetres to get the dog’s girth measurement.

wetsuit measuring

To measure for the wetsuit style coat, please use a flexible tape measure and measure from the back of the neck (where the collar would sit) to the dog's HIP only.


What is the girth measurement given in sizing chart?

The Girth Measurement given represents the stretching capacity of the Wetsuit from the smallest to the largest girth measurement of dog it is designed to fit. The Wetsuits are designed to fit closely. However, if your dog is within 2 centimetres of the maximum stretch, you may wish to go up a size.

For example: if your dog's girth measures 58cms, it may be better to order size 60-70cms. The 60-70cms is 60cms when lying flat and will stretch upto 70cms MAXIMUM.

What is the Length Measurement given for Wetsuits?
The Length Measurement given is the backlength of the Wetsuit. The wetsuit zips along the dog's back.


For male dogs it is sometimes necessary to trim off a little on the underside for toileting.  However, you can easily do this at home with scissors since neoprene does not fray.


If you have any queries, please give us a call on 0191 603 0440.  

All breeds differ but as a general rule:

SHORT backlength (35cms) is suitable for dogs such as cocker spaniels, miniature daxi and many terrier breeds.

MEDIUM backlength (45cms) is suitable for dogs such as Vizsla, Springer Spaniel, Border Collie & Bearded Collie

LONG backlength (55cms) is suitable for dogs such as Labrador Retriever, Spinone, Rottweiler and German Shepherd.

We also make xtra-short and extra long lengths to order.