Measuring your dog for fit

1. Stand the dog on a level surface with the dog standing evenly on all four legs.

2. For all breeds of dog: measure from the base of the dog’s neck (where dog collar sits) to the base of the dog’s tail in centimetres following the line of the spine. If your dog has a tail which is "up" then round down. For dog with hanging tail, round up.

3. We make different shaped dog coats for different breeds which are shown as separate products. Please use the dedicated categories shown on the left. of the home page to see the different styles including Pug, Daxi, Bulldog, Greyhound and Whippet


Please enter your dog breed on the order page. As with all online purchases, it is your responsibility to measure accurately and we cannot be held responsible if you choose an item that does not provide a good fit. However, in some instances - for example you order a 28 inch coat for a breed that is normally 22 inch size, we may email to double check your measurements.

What is the depth measurement of these dog coats?
The depth shown represents the measurement from the centre back of the dog coat to the hemline of the dog coat at the deepest point (from middle of back of the dog, across shoulders and front down leg of the dog). All other measurements of the dog coat and the belt length are proportionate to the size and breed shape of dog coat. If your dog does not seem to fit within the sizes available, call us on 0191 603 0440 or email us for assistance. ( )