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Welcome to Country Mun UK – Suppliers of Summer Dog Coats, Dog Boots, Dog Bowls and Dog Tethers

Country Mun was established in 1987 and we design, manufacture, and sell dog coats, dog boots and Canine Clothing and Dog Bowls and accessories from our premises in the north of England, UK. Our range of dog coats, dog boots, dog bowls, dog tethers and dog accessories is designed to appeal to the serious dog owner who is looking for practical solutions to caring for their canine friend. Our specialist summer dog coats are designed to keep your dog cool and are available to fit a range of different breeds. We have a large selection of dog coats, dog boots, dog bowls, dog tethers and leads available from our online shop.

The majority of our summer dog coats, dog boots and dog accessories are designed and made by us in the north of England. We also deal with some of the best suppliers in the UK to ensure that we have the best range of dog coats, dog boots, dog tethers and accessories available. At Country Mun we try to ensure that we always supply you, our customer, with the right product for your dog’s needs. Whether you have a Newfoundland, a collie or a chihuahua we have a range of dog coats and dog boots to suit your needs.